Vigorously dissociate

What we’re talking about when we talk about freedom of expression:

What is it to “dissociate” from people “vigorously”? Does he mean he punches people before shouting “It’s all over between us!”?

I wonder because if not, what he’s talking about isn’t what I would consider a sanction. Jolyon Maugham turning his back on us isn’t the horror he seems to think it is.

Meanwhile, of course, he’s pushing the big lie, as he always does – equating the defense of women’s rights and boundaries with “transphobia.”

Women have to be able to refuse to share or live or pee with men if they need to because women are not always safe from men. It’s that simple. Women need to be able to keep those boundaries because we’re not always safe from men, and we can’t know in advance which men we don’t know are safe and which are dangerous. Our safety is not Jolyon Maugham’s to brush off, and our defense of it is not his to call “transphobia.”

What does he mean “trans people are literally dying because they can’t get healthcare”? Not that they can’t get treatment for diseases, presumably, because that’s not true. So does he mean they can’t get cross-sex hormones or amputations to fit their purported gender and are killing themselves as a result? That claim would be both reckless and silly.

It seems like such a silly teenagery thing for an adult barrister with some fame to be saying. “You bitches are making trans people kill themselves!!1” Oh come on.

Trans people can’t get a word in edgewise? Really???

The meaningless piety-language again. What does he mean “traduce a minority”?

There are after all plenty of “minorities” who should be traduced – rapists, murderers, tyrants, cheats, bullies, frauds, anti-vaxxers, hustlers. The word “minority” is value-neutral.

In short he’s a manipulative bully as well as the other kinds. He uses slippery, dishonest wording to defend his fatuous ideology, and it makes me want to traduce him.

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