Literally no one

McKinnon did his CNN bit. He’s highly excited.

CNN calls him Associate Professor of Philosophy at College of Charleston, which is misleading since he’s “quit” [or been told to quit or be fired, or just plain been fired] and will be gone as of May 15 and has been on sabbatical and then medical leave all this year.

His fans are gloating at his…erm…whatever this is.

Anyway. Point is, things have to be arranged to suit McKinnon. That’s all you need to understand about trans women in sport.

There you go. If transgender people had their own sports then McKinnon would literally have no one to race against, and we can’t have that, so all of women’s sport has to be wide open to takeover by men who say they are women. Mind you he doesn’t explain why he wouldn’t have people to race against, he just asserts it, as if it were a rule of sport that people who win literally have no one to compete against. He’s equating being the best in the field with being the only in the field, but that’s just silly. Literally.

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