Lost in the weeds

NARAL on Facebook:

We’re calling on President Biden to propose a budget that ensures every body can access abortion care—free from discriminatory restrictions and denial of care policies. That means dropping the Weldon Amendment, and the Hyde Amendment, once and for all. Budgets reflect our priorities, and we need a budget that prioritizes reproductive freedom.

May be a cartoon of one or more people and text that says 'END DENIALS OF CARE: STOP RIGHT-WING ATTEMPTS TO DENY PEOPLE CARE Thursday, May 6th RSVP BIRTH CONTROL DENIALS OF CARE PLAN IUD ABORTION CARE Affirming Affirming Gender Care C'

What on earth does “GENDER AFFIRMING CARE” have to do with NARAL? What does NARAL have to do with it? And why, why, WHY is “GENDER AFFIRMING CARE” on a large banner spang in the middle where it catches the eye while “ABORTION CARE” is on a small sign off to the side where the eye misses it?

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