Nonbinary four year-olds

Grooming much?

It’s for 5-9 year olds. Class is once a week. Classes are all sold out!


Class Experience

This group is for our youngest learners who might be binary transgender, nonbinary transgender, gender-expansive, gender-nonconforming, nonbinary, agender, queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or exploring their gender or sexual orientation. Neurodivergent learners and/or learners with disabilities are very much welcome. The aim of this group is to be as multisensory and multimedia as possible in an online setting, and to rely less on verbal discussion than in my older groups.

Youths will interact via live video chat. This youngest group has been created at the request of parents of students who have felt that the elementary LGBTQ clubs are “too old” for their students. The group does not require any previous knowledge of LGBTQ terminology and does not require any reading or independent internet use. Visuals/handouts may be used at times, but will be explained verbally.

Groups will be provide a combination of education and support. Time will be spent explaining concepts such as pronouns and gender roles as these topics come up. Educational content will be responsive to topics raised by group members and the needs of the group in terms of energy level and comfort level. Groups will at times include structured activities such as reading of LGBTQ-affirmative stories or watching LGBTQ-affirmative video clips. This group will generally be more teacher-led than the elementary/tween groups and will particularly accommodate students who might be just beginning their journey as gender-nonconforming and are more comfortable participating passively than engaging in discussion. Opportunities will be given to participate by singing, moving, drawing or self-reflecting rather than a sole focus on verbal discussion.

Good plan; that way none of it has to make any sense.

As Outschool is an educational platform, these are primarily social and educational groups, and not a therapeutic/medical service. Facilitator and peers may provide advice of a general nature regarding situations discussed in class, but the group is not a therapeutic process group and is not a substitute for individual professional services.

NOTE: Youths who are more familiar with LGBTQ terminology and more solidly established in an LGBTQ identity might be more comfortable in my tween group. There is intentionally an overlap in ages between these groups. The tween group includes more verbal discussion, written materials, and is geared toward more independent learners.

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