Peak academicking

The thing about being an academic in English (the discipline) is that it’s pretty hard to say anything original, given the huge number of academic colleagues who precede you. So what do you do? In some cases you bullshit. Might as well, right?

“Unquestionably” – that’s rich. It’s questionable.


Lavery told us that he was going to talk about a eugenicist (Marie Stopes) and a charlatan (L. Ron Hubbard) though ultimately [he] never gave us the lowdown on Stopes’ support for eugenics and Hubbard was given only a very passing mention in the Q&A.

… but if I confess to attempting to animate within realism, the erotic frisson that might derive from a fantasy of being brainwashed, I will feel myself safe, because George Eliot was unquestionably a trans author, and transition, whatever else it may be, can hardly escape the condition of brainwashing and those upon whom it does its work, would hardly wish it to.

Yep, you heard it here first (or maybe not). George Eliot was trans because she pretended to be a male author, the fact that women were not permitted to author books at the time is of course immaterial.

Yes but being trans is just that easy: you are if you say you are, and that’s all there is to it, and of course “being trans” means also being the sex you are not, which of course you are if you say you are, again, and that’s all there is to it, again. So, ya know, basically everyone was trans, because why not, right? So everybody was the other thing. And vice versa. So really nothing is different – only the labels. Have another glass?

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