Guest post: There already exists a solution

Originally a comment by maddog on Cyclist and expert.

Let boys compete in girls’ competitions, but don’t count their wins

^^ This suggested model is a “solution” that doesn’t solve the fundamental problem: Why should boys compete in the girls’ division at all? There already exists a solution for boys who want to play sports: they can play in the boys’ division. “Where can boys play sports?” has NEVER been a problem. Wailing about, “where can this boy play?” is a ridiculous non-problem

He can play in the boys’ division, that already exists for him. Boys’ sports get the lion’s share of attention and resources, just as it always has been. Historically, girls haven’t had nearly as many opportunities to play sports, and still get fewer resources.

There’s no reason to even raise a question about “how much” of the resources devoted to girls’ sports should be diverted to boys instead. It doesn’t matter if the boys who enter girls’ sports don’t win, or if their wins “don’t count.” Every boy who plays in the girls’ division has stolen the resources that should have gone to a girl. Every single spot occupied by a boy has been stolen from a girl. “Not counting” a boy’s win does nothing to compensate the girl who was robbed of a chance to enter her own competition.

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