Rated inadequate

Speaking of teenagers and puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones…the Tavistock is in a bit of a pickle.

In January, England’s only NHS gender clinic for children and young people was rated “inadequate” by the country’s health watchdog – the lowest rating, meaning it is performing badly.

The findings make for sobering reading with inspectors raising “significant concerns” about the way the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) works.

Nearly 5,000 children are waiting – sometimes for up to two years – for an appointment, and the management team has been disbanded following the inspection. 

Well at least the children who are waiting aren’t getting blockers or hormones, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing? Maybe the longer you wait to get into the Tavistock the better off you are?

Now BBC News has had exclusive sight of an external report written in 2015 which recommended GIDS take drastic action. It argued the service was “facing a crisis of capacity” to deal with an ever-increasing demand and strikingly it should “take the courageous and realistic action of capping the numbers of referrals immediately”.

Why is demand ever-increasing? Could it possibly be because the whole idea of changing sex is a new and constantly accelerating fashion?

It could, instead, be that gender dysphoria is a real thing, and that it wasn’t seen as such until recently because of insufficient knowledge or attention or research or all those.

Or it could be both. It could be that lots of people find puberty alien and disconcerting, and that some adjust to it over time while some don’t. On the other hand if kids uncomfortable with puberty are all encouraged to think they’re “in the wrong body” and that they’re stunning and brave and should probably transition, then a lot of kids who would have adjusted over time will instead make a mess of their bodies and brains because of a fashion. That’s not a good outcome.

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