So callous and hurtful

Andrew Sullivan has form.

It’s not “pointless” to call male athletes who are displacing female athletes in female competitions “male,” because that’s what they are and because it gives them an advantage over females that everyone used to know was in fact an advantage. It’s not some random thing to call them, it’s the whole issue, and it’s certainly not pointless, it is exactly the point.

And it’s not “offensive” unless you buy into the whole silly narrative about being “in the wrong body” or having “a woman’s soul in a man’s body” or having “known she was a girl since she picked up a doll at age two weeks.” It’s the silly narrative that’s offensive, not the refusal to echo it.

And there’s nothing “accurate” about “trans female.” Male people are not any kind of female, so the only “accurate” word to put in front of “female” would be “not.”

And it’s not the women who are being bullied and shunned who are being “callous and hurtful.” It’s the male people who rob them of athletic prizes and the people who cheer on this unfair dishonest trick who are being callous and hurtful.

And saying male people are male people is not a slur, much less a “hurtful slur.” We might better ask why everyone rushes to be so melodramatically concerned about the hurt feelings of males who are hell-bent on invading women’s spaces and sports and scholarships and everything else they can grab.

Women are people too, Mr. Sullivan.

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