Stickers of this nature

Jesus, Scotland, get a grip.

On Monday 17th May we received a report of controversial stickers having been placed on lampposts within the Viewforth Avenue area of Kirkcaldy.

Should you come across stickers of this nature, please contact ourselves or @FifeCouncil so that their removal can be arranged.— Kirkcaldy Police (@KirkcaldyPolice) May 21, 2021

Of what nature? The people of Kirkcaldy are supposed to let them know if they (the people) see any stickers “of this nature” but they (the police) forgot to say what “this nature” IS. The word “controversial” doesn’t narrow it down enough to be useful.

Maybe all the phones are ringing off the hooks with people reporting every single sticker on every single lamppost in not just the Viewforth Avenue area but in all of Kirkcaldy. Just to be sure, you know.

Updating to add: They’ve deleted the tweet now (feeling stupid?) so we’ll be needing a screenshot.

“Stickers of this nature” – that too is very Hyacinth Bucket. The rest of us just say “stickers like this.” An advantage of this lazy way of wording is that it leaves us time to notice that we never said what “this nature” was.

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