They don’t need to spell it out

The Heritage Foundation says it’s all lies lies lies about the Georgia voter bill.

Myth 2: The Georgia law eliminates voting opportunities in order to suppress African American votes.

The Truth: The law makes no distinctions based on race.

It doesn’t have to, does it. The vote suppressors have become more sophisticated about it. The goal is not so much to suppress African American votes specifically (although that’s for sure a bonus) but to suppress non-Republican votes. The goal is to make it impossible for Democrats to win, and the path to that result is to make voting logistically far more difficult. It looks neutral on its face, unless you think about it for 5 seconds, and it avoids the embarrassing spelling out of things like “poor” and “working class” and “not-white.”

In a country with better provisions for people who don’t have much money – better public transportation, better income support, national health insurance for all, better child care facilities – the Make Voting More Difficult ploy wouldn’t work so well. People without much money would nevertheless be able to get to a voting place, leave the kids in reliable care, take a couple of hours off work. In this country though it works a treat: any logistical hurdle at all will eliminate the votes of a lot of people at the bottom of the ladder, with their nasty unclean Democratic voting habits.

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