Unicorn shit

Queen’s University promotes Gegi the leering unicorn, which is perhaps less surprising when you see that one of the “researchers” behind Gegi is at Queen’s University, and that the author of the promo is Julie Brown, Queen’s University Media Relations Officer. In other words it’s a literal promo.

Queen’s researcher Lee Airton has created Gegi.ca, an online resource that helps students advocate for their gender expression and gender identity human rights.

But why do students need to “advocate for their gender expression and gender identity human rights”? God only knows what that even means, but in any case why do they need to advocate for whatever it is?

I don’t think there’s any such thing as “gender expression human rights” and “gender identity human rights.” I think those are pseudo-rights, invented by these two fools.

Queen’s researcher Lee Airton, Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Education, and Kyle Kirkup, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law (Common Law Section) at the University of Ottawa, have launched an online resource that targets elementary and high school students and educators seeking more information about gender identity and gender expression human rights protections.

Where does the leering unicorn come in?

With “Gegi” – a beautiful/handsome nonbinary unicorn – as their guide, K-12 students across Ontario can acquire information and tools to self-advocate within their school and school board.

You have got to be joking.

Just for a start do they seriously think kids past 2d grade or so are going to sit still for that patronizing cartoon horse-clown? But more to the point what is this “advocacy” the weirdo grownups are trying to nudge them to do? Notify the media when little Joey comes to school wearing a ribbon in his hair?

Gegi.ca was created following a study by Dr. Airton and Dr. Kirkup of how Ontario school boards were responding to their new legal responsibilities to offer an environment free from two separate forms of discrimination: for who you are gender-wise (your gender identity), and how you let others know through things like your clothing, grooming, and behaviour (your gender expression). 

Shorter, blunter version: boys shouldn’t be bullied for being girly and girls shouldn’t be bullied for not being girly enough. Can’t that just be folded into whatever the schools are doing to prevent bullying? Which is usually not enough, so why not focus on that instead of chopping ever finer the talking points of The Sacred Trans Idenniny?

Each Ontario school board (public and Catholic) will have two dedicated student and staff web pages on gegi.ca. These pages connect students and their loved ones or staff directly to relevant board policies and suggest what a Gegi visitor can do or whom to contact if their board has not yet updated its policies. Students are also invited to download and share information about their gender identity or gender expression human rights in relation to athletics, field trips, and washroom or changing room access directly with school staff or administration.

There are the teachers and administrators trying to educate a few hundred children and there’s this constant parade of students shoving “information” about their “gender expression” in their faces. It sounds like hell on earth.

It’s almost funny how in circles it goes, saying the same thing over and over because there’s so little to say.

“Gegi.ca is a powerful resource for Ontario students and their families to ensure their gender identity and gender expression is protected and that students can thrive and grow in our schools,” says Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Dean, Faculty of Education.

Yeah thanks we got that but we still don’t know what you’re babbling about.

Never mind. Just pat the Gegi.

Gegi.ca is a newly launched website that advocates for gender identity and gender expression

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