Why is the store dummy so quiet?

There’s a very simple explanation.

Melania Trump, perhaps the most private first lady in modern history, has retreated more and more from the spotlight since departing Washington last January.

…She views her husband’s continued impact on the GOP landscape as his job, not hers. “You’re not going to see her at rallies or campaign events, even if he ‘officially’ says he’s running again,” said another person aware of the disinterest Trump has shown in supporting the former President.

Lack of interest, not disinterest.

…so often was the answer “no” when Trump was asked by then-candidate Donald Trump’s staff to appear at events that eventually, “We just stopped asking altogether,” said a political operative who worked on team Trump in the early days. Notoriously weary of public scrutiny and press coverage, Trump participated in fewer than five on-camera interviews and no print media interviews when she was first lady, an unheard of scarcity.

Yes and guess why she’s wary of public scrutiny and press coverage. It’s because there’s nothing there. She’s an empty shell. It’s not because she’s glamorously “private,” it’s because she has absolutely nothing to say. Her head is empty. So is her husband’s but he fills the void with yammering. She fills it with…I have no idea what. Looking out the window maybe.

“The Trump voter puts (Melania Trump) on a pedestal. They’re awed by the way she looks or the way she basically doesn’t express ideas or opinions, which they see as stoicism and loyalty. For them, that’s enough for fealty,” the operative said.

Hahaha yes sure that’s what it is. It’s not that she’s a blank, it’s that she’s loyal and stoical. She’s trans interesting.

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