Wrongly considered an expert

Fair Play for Women explains to the bosses what Stonewall really is:

Dear leaders of public sector organisations,

You think you are doing the right thing, appointing so-called LGBT representatives and inviting Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence and the like to write policy for you. It’s time to open your eyes. Your own people are doing the work of transactivists and you’ll be the one left carrying the can.

Because the problem is L and G and B are nowhere and it’s all about the T.

Stonewall is considered wrongly an expert rather than a lobby group with its own priorities and objectives

It’s an easy mistake to make. You need a transgender policy so you task your transgender equality manager to write one and they go to the transgender groups for expert advice. Job done.

Here’s England Rugby proudly stating how its transgender inclusion policy was developed in partnership with Stonewall – as if that’s some kind of quality assurance mark. It’s not. You’ve been hoodwinked by a rather clever lobby group into believing it’s ok to expose yourself to the risk of women getting their necks snapped in a scrum with a male opponent.

Not to mention exposing women to that risk.

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