Step one: believe in facts

No, see, this is one reason I won’t just close my eyes and “be kind.”

No. “Birth sex” and “actual sex” are not opposite, they’re the same thing, which can most easily be named with simply “sex.” Your sex is your sex is your sex. You can’t change it, any more than you can change your species. Some things you can change, some you can’t. Deal with it.

It’s not “ideology” to refuse to pretend that sex is optional and switchable. What’s ideology is to make up a whole new pretend-science in which sex is as optional and switchable as what shirt you put on.

It’s pretty rich for the bossy bratty ideologues of the trans religion to accuse the rest of us as “enforcing” anything – we don’t enforce the fact that sex is not optional, it’s just reality that does that.

Oh and also? Trans women shouldn’t be using women’s services, because trans women are not women.

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