Amid outrage

York Vision, one of two student papers at the university of same, has a think piece on Julie Bindel and student censorship. It’s not very good.

An event with Julie Bindel hosted by Uni of York’s Free Speech Society was postponed at the last minute amid safety concerns and outrage from staff and students at the University.

What “safety concerns”? Did someone – anyone – think Julie was going to throw a bomb or pull out a handgun or poison the refreshments? As for “outrage” – pull your fucking pants up and stop whining.

Inviting Julie Bindel to a free speech event was always going to end with protest and uprisal. 

“Uprisal”? Anyway, the only reason it’s true that it was predictable that whining pants-falling-down students would make a big stink about the privilege of a talk by Julie Bindel at their uni is because they’ve developed a very peculiar and warped idea of what is acceptable in public discourse and what is not. Threats and fake “outrage” are fine if they come from the right kind of “allies” while saying that men are not women should be dealt with by the police.

Bindel is known as a self-proclaimed “political lesbian”, promoting the kind of feminism that excludes several of its members.

Learn to write ffs. You don’t need “known as” and “self-proclaimed” in the same sentence. It’s both overkill and contradictory (if she’s known as why does she bother to self-proclaim?). We get it: you think she has no right to call herself a political lesbian, and you’re too thick and uninformed to see what’s wrong with that idiotic sneer. And what does “several of its members” mean? Members of what? Feminism? How would being a political lesbian exclude several “members” of feminism? Bindel is a political lesbian, and you children don’t even understand what the words mean.

They claim she “gained prominence” by writing a particular article for the Guardian, which is just pig-ignorant. She’s well-known because she’s written many articles and books and they’re high quality.

Bindel wrote an article for Unherd, entitled “Why York University de-platformed me”. By stating that she has been ‘deplatformed’, Bindel is alluding to cancel culture. This simply is not the case. Bindel has been blocked from an event at the University for fears of student safety and security. The concern is for the students, not for taking away Bindel’s platform.

Jesus god. How did these children get into any university at all? “It is simply not the case that Bindel was de-platformed, she was de-platformed.”

The issue here is that instead of promoting healthy debate, inviting Julie Bindel to the University puts a marginalised group of individuals in a situation that is likely to be hugely triggering.

And if those marginalised individuals are not triggered we will do our very best (which is pretty bad) to make them triggered.

In response to the event, the University of York’s feminist society released a statement on the event, stating that:

“The views shared by both Free Speech and Julie Bindel do not reflect the views at FemSoc. [We] believe that by giving this individual a platform to speak at the University, it is extremely damaging to the growing trans community at York.”

Yet more illiteracy. Use your words.

Bindel goes on to claim that “the fact that [she] is a woman of working-class origin, an out lesbian, and a lifelong feminist is obviously irrelevant to these privileged kids who think being pansexual or non-binary is an oppression.”

As a white cisgender woman, Bindel needs to recognise her own privilege before she calls out students for theirs.

Telling feminists that being a “cisgender woman” is a form of privilege is telling them that women have privilege over men, that men are the oppressed class, that feminism=sexism. The last thing women “need to recognize” is that women as a class oppress men as a class.

Feminism should encompass everybody, regardless of their background. Feminism is not feminism when trans women are excluded.

No it shouldn’t. The reason is the “fem” bit. Feminism is about and for women. Feminism gets to be about its own thing just as other social justice movements do.

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