Women-only spaces with men

“Women need women-only spaces, therefore we’re including men.”

I should warn you, the clip is horrible to listen to, even apart from the content. I think the content is the reason for the horribleness of the listen: the woman reading the statement finds it necessary to use the most sanctimonious soporific voice in her repertoire, the kind of voice that always makes me want to scratch my armpits and make fart noises. She speaks very s l o w l y and clearly, in a very Soft and Warm and Soothing and Condescending voice, as if we’d all just been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed apartment block.

Women-only spaces are uplifting and empowering. They offer a place for women to come together to create a shared journey of recovery and healing to lean on each other in times of difficulty and celebrate together in times of joy. The purpose and value of women-only spaces is to empower and strengthen women. To suggest that the value of women-only spaces lies solely or primarily in the exclusion of men significantly undervalues the inception, the purpose, and the continuation of women-only spaces.

At that point she’s almost whispering, and then there’s a long pause before the last two sentences, spoken not in a whisper but with stern emphasis.

Trans women are welcome in these spaces. They add amazing value to these spaces and we need them in these spaces.

A pious little lecture on how awesome women-only spaces are that finishes triumphantly by saying men are women if they say they are and you may not disagree, let alone insist on actual women-only spaces.

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