Another spokesperson exposed

In Brighton the other day –

Brighton and Hove News reports:

A newly-selected Green party candidate has announced they have quit the party after reportedly accusing another member of “intimidating” questions over the campaign against a philosophy professor.

“They” – he’s a he.

Tom Pashby was widely quoted supporting the campaign against Professor Kathleen Stock, which led to her quitting the University of Sussex.

Some Green party members objected after Mx Pashby, who identifies as non-binary, was selected as a candidate for the Regency ward for next year’s elections.

He can identify as a clock tower if he wants, but that doesn’t make him a clock tower. Or a “Mx” either.

On Saturday, the local party met to be introduced to all its new candidates.

But Mx Pashby walked out after being questioned by another member, Steve Moses, as to whether he was critical of the campaign against Professor Stock.

This afternoon, he posted on Twitter: “I have resigned my membership of the Green Party of England and Wales, and from my role as a candidate for Regency ward in Brighton for the 2023 elections.

It turns out you can harass and abuse women at university but not everywhere.

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