Believing that women have rights

WDI asks Green Party to uphold members’ rights to freedom of thought and expression.

11 February 2022

Women’s Declaration International has been made aware that Ani Stafford-Townsend, co-chair of Green Party Women in England and Wales, has sent a ‘late motion’ to the Green Party Conference. This motion proposes to expel all Green Party members who have signed the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights. This has come in the same week that WDI signatory Emma Bateman, democratically elected co-chair of the women’s committee was suspended from the Green Party, and Dr Shahrar Ali, spokesperson on policing and domestic violence who holds ‘gender critical’ views, was removed from his position.

Leftish politics energetically dynamiting the bridge it’s standing on.

Can the Green Party really afford to get rid of everyone who doesn’t think men can turn into women?

Although Ani Stafford-Townsend’s motion claims to recognise the need for open discussion, it is aimed at closing down debate and either removing people with opposing views from the Green Party entirely or re-educating them into the ‘correct’ way of thinking. It misrepresents WDI and the Declaration, making a range of unfounded claims and associations that are presented entirely without evidence.

The re-education part is especially galling in light of the fact that the “correct” way of thinking is not correct.

Believing that women have rights based on their sex that are vital to achieving equality is not a ‘hard-line’ or ‘extremist’ position, especially as these rights are being systematically dismantled all over the world. Articles 4 and 5 of our Declaration reaffirm women’s rights to freedom of opinion, expression and assembly. Actions such as this motion make it clear that these rights are needed more than ever before.

And that an astonishing number of people who consider themselves “correct” and progressive are downright eager to punish and exclude women for defending women’s rights.

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