The Scottish Daily Express reports on the John Nicolson testimony n backlash:

SNP MP John Nicolson has been branded a “liar” and a “misogynist” for his contribution to an official hearing challenging the status of same-sex attraction charity, LBG Alliance.

The gay rights advocates separated from the likes of Stonewall over a belief that lesbian, gay and bisexual people had different needs than transgender-identified people but now face accusations of transphobia and “hate”.

It’s not “hate” to say that people can’t magically become something they’re not. I still can’t get used to the fact that so many adults are insisting so furiously and often that men can become women.

[I]t was a statement during cross-examination, about same-sex-attracted women that enranged campaigners. He said, “You are a lesbian, if you declare yourself one”. A comment deemed homophobic by lesbians who believe you must be a biological woman to be a lesbian and who say they face abuse for asserting a transwoman is not a lesbian.

It’s deemed homophobic by non-lesbians too. It’s also deemed absurd, childish, credulous, superstitious – just generally bizarre and not fit for adult discourse.

“These silly games may be all very well for Twitter, but hurling insults and unsubstantiated accusations is not appropriate in court. Mr Nicolson may have been lulled by his party leader turning a blind eye to his bullying and his misogyny, but it hardly made for an edifying spectacle”, said For Women Scotland.

I don’t think they’re all very well for Twitter, either, not from an MP.

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