Cis journalists only

Ben Hunte excitedly reports:

Exclusive: Trans Journalists Pull Out of Guardian Newspaper’s Pride

Cool that it’s exclusive. Congrats, man!

Also trans journalists is a nice touch. I prefer the real ones myself.

Freelance journalists Freddy McConnell and Vic Parsons said they were declining all future work with the UK paper “until it changes its trans-hostile and exclusionary stance.”

And they won’t be missed. They’re not journalists but ideologues.

McConnell and Parsons told VICE World News they believed a recent opinion piece was “misleading and discriminatory” about cis lesbians dating trans women and said it was “the final straw” for them. Published on the 29th May in the Guardian’s sister paper the Observer and online on the Guardian’s website, the article has been widely criticised as anti-trans, with the author of the article repeatedly calling trans women “biologically male” and labelling trans campaigners working for trans equality as pushing “gender ideology”. 

In other words telling the truth. Blah blah blah; run along now.

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