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You were asking about Sophie Grace Chappell?

But latsot didn’t “misgender” people. Emily Bridges is indeed a man. He claims to be a trans woman, but that doesn’t make him a woman, it just makes him a man who claims to be a woman or a man who claims to be a trans woman, depending on how genuine his claim is.

Chappell is a man too of course. One thing he’s famous for is saying it doesn’t matter if more women are killed because trans women are allowed to invade our spaces. The Glinner Update last September:

BBC Radio Scotland’s morning programme hosted a discussion about the Scottish government’s proposed GRA reforms and self ID legislation….One of the guests was trans-identified male, Sophie Grace Chappell, a Philosophy professor at the Open University.

Before I go on – when’s the last time you saw a grown woman dressed like that? In my case the answer would be never. Never. Grown women do not wear flouncy starched sticky-out skirts like that with white cardigans and pearls and whatever the fuck those shoes are. Nor little pink ribbon barrettes nor a coy bit of petticoat sticking out nor nail polish on stubby little nails. A grown woman would not go out in public like that, let alone a grown woman who is an academic with a job in a real university. He’s mocking us.

Ahem. Back to the update:

From the off, Chappell dismissed women’s safety concerns as ‘fearmongering’.

Suppose people were saying ‘Well you know if you make it easier for gay people to be themselves in society there’s going to be a crime wave or dreadful homosexual murders are going to happen, it’s going to be awful if we do that’, I think we’d rightly dismiss that as scaremongering and we’d say ‘No it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter’. It wouldn’t matter, actually, if there was a slight spike in those statistics because this isn’t about that kind of issue.

Cool. It wouldn’t matter if more women were murdered, as long as “Sophie Grace” (flatter himself much?) gets to wear his stupid flouncy skirt.

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