Say aloud what you are

I’m reading a review of Jason Stanley’s How Fascism Works (not a very favorable review) and am brought to a stop by a quotation from White nationalist Andrew Auernheimer at The Daily Stormer. I know nothing of Auernheimer and little of The Daily Stormer. The passage quoted is…interesting.

Don’t sit here and pretend you’re a nice traditional girl when you fight against any implementation of traditional values. Say aloud what you are, on the streets, to your families, on social media: “I’m a despicable whore.” Do it before it is too late, because I swear to whatever gods may be that when the purge comes if you have been using traditionalism as a cloak for your revolting degeneracy your name is going on a list and we will be coming to make you pay for it. You will feel the punch to your throat first, but the hours afterwards at the hands of a WHITE SHARIA gang will make that seem as just a brief and gentle touch against your skin. Your ribs will be broken. Your face will be broken. Some of you will not live to tell about it. This I promise: a much needed correction is coming for you soon, you disgusting skanks.


Yet according to Stanley we’re the privileged sneering cis women cruelly dominating men who call themselves women. Odd.

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