Many other women and girls

I wonder if the Jason Stanleys of the world ever publicly wring their hands over this kind of thing:

The Dorset teenager Gaia Pope was devastated when she learned a man she had accused of raping her had allegedly harassed and targeted many other women and girls, an inquest jury has heard.

Pope, 19, whose body was found on a clifftop in November 2017, 11 days after she went missing, had reported the rape because she wanted to protect others, jurors were told, but detectives told her there was little chance of the case succeeding and it would be traumatic to go to court, it is claimed.

A few months later, Dorset police posted on Facebook that the man had been jailed for an unrelated sexual offence.

Giving evidence at the coroner’s court in Bournemouth, Pope’s cousin Marienna Pope-Weidemann said: “Underneath the post were hundreds of reactions and comments from people in our community disclosing their own experiences of having been harassed by him, having their 12-year-old daughter contacted by him on social media and having to intervene because he wouldn’t leave them alone.”

Please, tell us more about how genocidal we are for continuing to know the difference between women and men.

In June 2016 police told Pope the man was not going to be prosecuted. They told her she had a right to appeal against the decision. “But they described what it would be like in court being cross-examined by a defence lawyer. They said: ‘We don’t think there is any chance of it being successful and it would be very traumatic.’”

Or to put it another way, rape is something men can do with impunity.

Pope-Weidemann…said Pope was particularly upset when a psychiatrist wrote she had “delusions of sexual assault”.

But men don’t get told they have delusions of being a woman.

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