“It is genocidal to”

Jason Stanley is continuing his project of explaining that women are genocidal.

Did he pause to think about the possibility that women might have good reasons to refuse to be “inclusive” of men in all circumstances? In rape shelters and toilets and feminism? No, of course he didn’t, he simply went on telling the world that women who want to be able to say no to men are intent on genocide of trans people.

What is that supposed to mean? What community? Any community? All communities? What about the community of Boko Haram for instance? That’s a community that’s very much “linked with” rape. What about fraternities? What about rapists? The community of rapists is linked with rape. What is it about the word “community” that makes it forbidden and unacceptable to link it with rape, even when it is explicitly linked with rape?

Again, what’s that supposed to mean? Some “communities” are existential threats to children. Communities that exploit child labor for instance, communities that prey on children sexually, communities that pass laws that impoverish and exploit children – I could go on.

He can’t really be as stupid as this. Yet there he is, putting the stupid out there for the world to gape at.

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