Fantasy is law

Gender reform bill moves on to final stage of Holyrood scrutiny

THE reform of gender recognition policy in Scotland has moved on to the final stage of parliamentary scrutiny before becoming law.

By “reform” they mean removing all obstacles that could slow down men who want to call themselves women and take everything that belongs to women. Here you go, brothers, full speed ahead!

Today, MSPs debated amendments made at Stage 2 of the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill in a marathon committee meeting at the Scottish Parliament.

The bill aims to make it easier for transgender people to legally change the sex on their birth certificate and removes the need for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria by a doctor before they can legally do so.

No need for that, just step up and say your name is Petunia.

The committee meeting was briefly disrupted by a protester wearing the historic colours of the Suffragette movement before being completed this afternoon.

Stupid bitch, how dare she, thank god the committee ignored her and all the other stupid bitches.

Maggie Chapman MSP, Scottish Greens equalities and human rights spokesperson, said she was pleased that the bill was a vital step closer to delivering the reforms that trans people had been waiting so long for.

She said: “This is for those who have waited so long – too long – to be given the chance to live their lives as they choose to be recognised, but it is also for all those parliamentary colleagues who have faced down mistruths and disinformation.

“The consultations and committee scrutiny of the bill have been subjected to reckless scaremongering, ill informed innuendo and the most dangerous mistruths designed to distract people from the real issue at stake – the right of individuals to be recognised in law as who they really are.”

But that’s not the issue. That’s the opposite of the issue. The real issue at stake is the purported right of individuals to be recognised in law as who they really are not. It’s the purported right of men to be recognized as women despite all objections from women that such a “right” will dig a massive hole in our rights.

Apart from anything else it’s just breathtaking to see a parliament solemnly making law to validate people’s fantasies about themselves.

“It is to this parliament’s credit that such crude and frankly dog whistle attempts to undermine trans rights and democracy have failed because of the robust systems and structures that we have in place to represent all of our citizens, including some of the most marginalised.”

But not including our female citizens. Fuck them, right?

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