For their initiative and empathy

Sonia Sodha says something you’d think would be too obvious to have to say:

The police need to be politically impartial – they must not police people differently because of their political opinions. Yet there are numerous examples of police forces actively taking political sides in the sex and gender debate. Paul Giannasi, the national policing adviser for hate crime, has praised Lancashire police for expressing disappointment at lawful expressions of gender critical belief, congratulating them for their “initiative and empathy” in doing so.

Empathy for whom? For men who say they are women. Definitely not for women.

The police officer who unlawfully warned off [Harry] Miller told him, Miller said, that a foetus could have a female brain but grow male body parts, later confirming he learned this unscientific belief on a training course. Greater Manchester police social media accounts have used and defended the derogatory and misogynistic term “terf”, associated with rape and death threats against women expressing gender-critical beliefs.

Somehow women have become the brutal heartless aristocratic men of the world, trampling lesser beings beneath their ruling class feet.

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