Girlguiding is a home for trans people

Girlguiding UK issues a statement:

We have been involved in a legal case with a former volunteer since 2018 and we have now reached a settlement. Please find our statement below.

Girlguiding’s full statement regarding its legal case with Katie Alcock:

Girlguiding celebrates the ever-growing diversity of its membership. We are committed to balancing the views, needs and wants of all of our members in a complex and changing world. It’s important that we do this in a thoughtful and respectful way, reflecting our volunteer code of conduct. So we have a diversity and inclusion strategic plan which underpins our commitment to inclusion.

Define diversity. Define inclusion.

Diversity meaning girls from all backgrounds, excellent, keep doing that. Diversity meaning boys, then you’re not Girlguiding any more. Same for “inclusion.”

Girlguiding recognises that gender critical beliefs are protected under the Equality Act and that there are girls and volunteers who hold gender critical beliefs within our membership. We respect and value their right to do so, and to express those beliefs. Girlguiding is also, and shall remain, a home for trans people. Whatever their protected characteristics, all our young members and adult volunteers are welcome within Girlguiding.

All trans people? So male trans people as well as female ones? Then it’s not Girlguiding any more.

Our priority is to ensure that we offer a safe space where all girls are welcome to have fun, learn, and grow, and feel that they can be who they truly are. 

But when they say “all girls” they mean…?

Girlguiding has evolved for 110 years and will continue to evolve to ensure that it remains a forward-thinking, inclusive and diverse organisation where all girls, young women and volunteers feel welcome and belong.

But when they say “all girls” they mean…?

On another subject – I would love to know why on earth the image at the top is of a girl’s hand holding a pen incorrectly.

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