Girl-only except that

Girl Scouts/Guides: not just for girls anymore.

Girlguiding bosses have launched an investigation into one of their Commissioners who is a trans woman after she allegedly posed for a saucy picture in a dominatrix-style outfit.

Why is there a male Commissioner of Girl Guides?

Bus driver Monica Sulley, 58, reportedly became a guiding Commissioner in July this year, overseeing Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

Her appointment has upset some feminist campaigners who argue that biological males identifying as women should not be given leadership roles in the movement.

That is, some feminist campaigners object to giving men leadership roles in the movement. It’s not about being “upset,” or having the vapors, either.

Girlguiding has described itself in recent years as being a ‘girl-only organisation with a trans-inclusive Equality and diversity policy’.

Meaning it’s not a girl-only organization.

A statement on its website says: ‘We treat trans girls and women according to the gender they have transitioned, or are proposing to transition, to. Meaning trans girls and trans women are welcome to be a part of our great charity.’

Meaning girl guides is no longer for girls.

‘The benefits to Girlguiding of being fully-inclusive are significant. We recognise the huge impact Girlguiding can have on each young member and volunteer.

‘And it’s vital that trans girls and women – like all other girls and women – can contribute their experiences, time, commitment and skills to our charity.’

Then why not just drop the “Girl” part? If you don’t mean it, why keep saying it? And trans girls and women are not “like all other girls and women,” because they’re boys and men.

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