Guest post: The acreage devoted to Twitter sensitivity

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Fringe.

Many political parties seem to have over-reacted to online trans activism, imbuing social media genderist opinion with more importance and perceived support than it would actually have in the population at large. It’s as if there’s a social media equivalent to the funny-looking, strangely proportioned figures of the “motor humunculus” and “sensory humunculus” when the cerebral territories for these systems are mapped onto the surface of the brain. If the “digital humunculus” of the body politic were to be mapped out in the brains of political party officials, the acreage devoted to Twitter sensitivity would be grotesquely swollen and distorted, overshadowing the vestigial acceptance of “woke” thought amongst the vast majority of the electorate that is not consumed by or engaged in Twitter spats.

These functionaries are so eager to please the algorithmically magnified online extremists that they forget just how much of an outlier their position is out in the wild, away from the sheltered, hothouse confines of discussions limited to 280 characters at a time. They also forget that the positions they take and rules they pass in their overzealous haste to appease and empower these few vocal extremists, erode the rights and needs of women, who make up half the population. While the adults were otherwise engaged, the interns left with the keys to the social media accounts have set fire to the street, and denounced their neighbours for trying call the fire department, because their cool friends told them it was the only way to fight fascism. Unfortunately, some of the adults have decided, in the interests of fighting fascism, they want to be cool too, and think it would be best to add more fuel to the fire to keep it going, and help it spread.

Forced to make its own way in the world, the sad, malformed, misbegotten, digital humunculus (like trans activism itself) would be completely incapable of standing on its own two withered feet, let alone doing anything at all without the willing support and power given to it by those enablers and collaborators who fear (or wish to share) its frighteningly exaggerated power to avenge the slightest of slights. They haven’t realized that while transactivists don’t actually have the numbers or power to propel them into office, or drive them out, women do.

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