There will be consequences

It’s Matt Walsh the Christian reactionary again, but what can I say, he’s right about the trans takeover even if it’s for the wrong reasons and he’s wrong about nearly everything else.

You can make a lot of money mutilating teenagers. Wot larks eh Pip?

It’s not ok to have conscientious objections to mutilating teenagers.

Why? Why is it ok to mutilate teenagers but not ok to refuse to do that? What caused all these people to settle on that side of the issue? Why did everyone move so fast to believe and enforce the belief that sex is all in the mind and that it’s absolutely necessary to mutilate people who say their bodies are the wrong sex? How did this happen? Why is this doctor standing behind that lectern telling her audience they will be punished if they object to mutilating teenagers? Why will there be consequences for not mutilating teenagers instead of consequences for doing so?

It’s like a damn horror movie running for years and years and years.

Updating to add:


Play the trans buddies one. Have a sick bucket ready. Hi, we love you, we’re going to ruin your body, but we’ve got a nice BUDDY for you so you won’t ask any last minute questions.

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