Seeking to feminize

Matt Walsh last September:

Matt Walsh claimed on Tuesday that female sports reporters were seeking to “feminize” football, which he said is a “mostly male space,” and said at least one woman journalist was failing to “assimilate.”

Walsh made the remarks on The Matt Walsh Show, while discussing Lindsey Gough, sports director with southeast Georgia’s WOTC 11 TV station. Gough had tweeted on September 5 about the behavior of fans after Georgia defeated Clemson.

Gough posted a video of football fans apparently engaging in harassing behavior and even some men touching her without her consent as they passed her broadcast.

But that’s male behavior, and it’s awesome, and it must not be challenged, much less altered or done away with. Harassing and groping women is a sacred right of masculinityfull masculine manly people.

“I must say, this situation only demonstrates why I, personally, prefer for sports broadcasts, especially football broadcasts, to be handled mostly by men,” Walsh said.

“Lindsey, though worse than the average—even as far as female sports reporters go—is definitely not the only female to enter into this mostly male space and seek to feminize it.”

“She wants the football stadium to be quiet and gentle, considerate, respectful of personal space. She wants it to be a more feminine environment. She’s not trying to assimilate herself into the culture of football fans, she is rather hoping that they assimilate themselves to her,” he said.

So objecting to men harassing and groping her equals wanting the football stadium to be quiet and gentle? I’m not seeing it. I think people can be loud and rowdy and enthusiastic without bullying and assaulting women. In fact I think this is a distinction kids are taught to make in…what, first grade? Second grade? “Use your words” – isn’t that the lesson? Don’t shove or punch or bite or kick; use your words. Does Matt Walsh really consider sexual abuse of women inherent to men, men in general, all men? I think I have a better opinion of men than he does.

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