Ironically, during Women’s History Month

Parents have written a new letter on the Lia Thomas question.

As parents of Ivy League swimmers, from men’s and women’s teams across the league, we have witnessed firsthand the utter abandonment of women and girls this year.

Ironically, during Women’s History Month, the subjugation of our daughters continues at the Women’s NCAA Swimming Championships when Lia Thomas, a biological male, took a lane and a podium from a deserving female swimmer on Thursday. Lia has now broken female legacy records across pools and in the Ivy League. 

We are furious and most everyone in our community is furious as well. Parents, coaches, swimmers, and rational, logical people know this is grossly unfair. Female swimmers have not consented to this. In fact, many of them expressly said no. What response did they receive?

Be quiet. A new ideology ruled. “Transwomen are women” no exceptions; the girls’ concerns: “transphobic.”

They courageously spoke to coaches about the injustice they faced in the pool. They expressed how uncomfortable the locker rooms were with male nudity. When they were turned away, they went to their athletic departments and administration. They were turned away again.

As the public outrage grew, a propaganda machine that would make Russia jealous was wheeled out. If the girls had a problem, they were told to seek counseling. Team meetings were called at every school to communicate a singular message; coercive and emotionally blackmailing written instructions were distributed at Harvard and Penn. Everyone was cowed into silence while institutions spared no expense on T-shirts, banners and public statements supporting Lia.

Collective insanity.

Athletic associations are cautiously asking: How do we balance fairness and inclusion?

You don’t. Obviously. You can’t have blanket “inclusion” in competitive sports. If you want “inclusion” by all means have Swimming For Everyone at your schools, but the moment you make it competitive you rule out being inclusive, because the two are fundamentally opposed. You can’t give First Prize to everyone, because then it’s not First Prize any more, it’s just Prize.

But they are asking the wrong questions. These questions are misogynistic, degrading, and dehumanizing for women. There is no balance of fairness to assess. Women deserve fairness without caveat, and they should not be asked to shoulder the mental health of others at their own expense. A male body cannot become a female body. A woman is not a disadvantaged man.

Disadvantaged, ha – women are the source of all humans.

This is not just a swimming issue. Lia Thomas, Laurel Hubbard, Cece Telfer, Hannah Mouncey, Stephanie Barrett, Rachel McKinnon, Andraya Yearwood — the list continues — these are just some of the more publicly known male-bodied athletes that have robbed thousands of women of fair treatment in sport. Women pay a deep psychological toll, competing or not, when told they are undeserving of fair competition.

Where are the feminists, politicians and organizations that purport to support women?

Where are the National Women’s Law Center, the American Association of University Women, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Women’s Sports Foundation? They are standing by and cheering as women are redefined and minimized.

Where indeed? Gone over to the other side, the shits.

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