Oh no we’re aggressively promoting our agenda

Trans woman says why can’t women be more ladylike god damn it?

I was sad that, yet again, JK Rowling is using her fame to campaign against trans women (“JK Rowling rounds on Starmer”, News, last week). As a trans woman myself I am angry and frustrated that the media debate has deteriorated into an argument about whether I can use a ladies’ lavatory. The argument that a public lavatory can be classed as a “safe space” is frankly bizarre.

Not if you’re a woman it isn’t, not if its comparative safety is being taken away from you.

High-profile women should stop using megaphone tactics to whip up transphobia: using words like “scared, angry and disillusioned” creates a climate that is extremely dangerous for trans people who, like me, just want to be accepted and allowed to cope with their gender dysphoria in the best way they have found.

Gee, he should see the kinds of things that are said about and to us.

I love being a woman (or trans woman, if you insist) and support the feminist movement, but I am disillusioned that some women are using masculine behaviour to aggressively promote their agenda in an uncompromising way…

Ahhhhhhhhhh yes why can’t we be more gentle and hesitant and polite and shy and apologetic the way women are supposed to be. Thanks for the pointers, bro.

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