It’s a cemetery AND a farm

Ahhh what a lovely man – he buried the ex on his golf course because tax break. The sentimental old fool.

When Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s first wife, was buried last month near the first hole of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, few immediately guessed that her grave’s location might also serve her ex-husband’s long-held tax planning purposes.

Well at least near the first hole is special. Could have been the fifth, or behind the pro shop.

Tax code in New Jersey exempts cemetery land from all taxes, rates, and assessments – and her grave, as such, potentially has advantageous tax implications for a Trump family trust that owns the golf business, in a state where property and land taxes are notoriously high.

“Look! We buried Mom here! The whole thing is now a cemetery! Now look over there for a minute while I move my ball out of the sand trap.”

Brooke Harrington, a professor of sociology at Dartmouth college in New Hampshire, tweeted on Saturday that she had looked into claims that Ivana Trump’s resting place might benefit her ex-husband’s tax planning from beyond the grave.

“As a tax researcher, I was skeptical of rumors Trump buried his ex-wife in that sad little plot of dirt on his Bedminster, NJ golf course just for tax breaks. So I checked the NJ tax code & folks…it’s a trifecta of tax avoidance. Property, income & sales tax, all eliminated,” Harrington wrote, after opinions accusing Trump of being primarily motivated by the possibility of a tax break began popping up on social media.

Well, he’s sentimental that way.

Ivana Trump was buried in a plot close to the first tee of the golf course, following her funeral in Manhattan on 20 July. Her resting place is marked with a rudimentary wreath of white flowers and an engraved granite stone.

And it’s near the first tee, so, super classy.

[E]very break counts, and the former president has previously designated the plot as a farm because some trees on the site are turned into mulch used for flower beds, according to the Washington Post.

And that doesn’t make it a farm??

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