Jason Stanley compares feminists to white supremacists

Yale philosophy bro Jason Stanley tweeted a faux-naïve question about why it’s always women who dispute claims about trans women, and never men. I’m giving the gist because he’s now deleted it (and of course insulted the feminist women who replied) and I don’t have a screenshot handy.

The question was so faux-naïve (he must know perfectly well why), and the deletion so quick, that it seems highly likely he did it on purpose – a tiny little one act drama in which Yale stud asks thoughtful question, transphobic witches respond with their phobic witchery, and he deletes the innocent tweet with regret about all the witchy phobicry. Misogynist prick. I daren’t say that on Twitter but I can say it here.

He compares feminist women to Hindutva and white supremacists. Misogynist prick.

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