Keep the lesbians out

A conference. University College Cork. In March.

The 25th Lesbian Lives Conference will take place in University College Cork, Ireland from 4th-5th March 2022. The LGBT+ Staff Network of University College Cork, in conjunction with the community organisation LINC and scholars from University College DublinCambridge University, and University of Brighton Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender Research, are delighted to host the conference.  


The theme for the 2022 Lesbian Lives Conference is Solidarity.  

Uh oh. We’ve learned that that can have some oddly limited applications – that it can, weirdly enough, mean not solidarity with lesbians but solidarity with men, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a Lesbian Lives Conference at all if you ask me.

The confirmed Keynote Presenters at the Lesbian Lives 2022 Conference are:  

Professor Susan Stryker, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Institute of LGBT Studies, University of Arizona   

Who is a trans woman. Top of the list, keynote speaker, at a conference called Lesbian Lives. Shut up, women, this conference isn’t about you, who the hell do you think you are?

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