More susceptible

We’re not the conspiracy theorists, you’re the conspiracy theorists! Aaron Rabinowitz in (ironically) The Skeptic:

As conspiracy communities continue to interconnect and produce complex conspiracism ecosystems, it’s worth keeping track of the common themes that facilitate the slide from one conspiracy to another. This month, I want to look at conspiracies centered around creeping transhumanism, a theme with a rich history that unsurprisingly involves accusations of malevolent Jewish influence, and seems to be gaining market share in conspiracism communities.

You’ll never guess whose conspiracism is in his sights. Never. It’s all been covered up too carefully.

This month though I want to focus on the way that anti-transhumanism conspiracies with clear antisemitic roots have been laundered and mainstreamed in Gender Critical and Radical Feminist communities.

There it is! It’s the filthy feminists! It’s the malign scary women who refuse to agree that men are women if they say they are.

First, I want to reiterate that being a member of these communities does not immediately make someone either antisemitic or a conspiracy theorist.

It takes at least half an hour to make members of these “communities” antisemitic conspiracy theorists.

And having brought out the scare quotes let me expand on that a little: I do not see myself as a “member” of “these communities”; I do not see gender critical feminism as a “community” at all; it’s a political stance and a form of activism and a set of ideas, just as feminism is. “Community” is the wrong word for that. The political and intellectual are just that, and calling them “communities” is sentimental and infantilizing. I reject the label.

My concern is, much like with #SaveTheChildren, gender critical portrayals of the trans agenda and its funding are making members of that community more susceptible to onboarding laundered far right conspiracies.

Crap writer, isn’t he. Anyway, you see how this works – it’s oddly conspiratorial-looking itself, in fact. It’s not that he’s saying we’re all conspirators, he’s just saying that “members” of that “community” are more “susceptible” to believing “laundered” conspiracies. That’s a lot of levels of distancing if you look at them carefully. What purpose does all that distancing serve? It lets him off the hook. It draws a frilly curtain over the fact that he has no evidence of any conspiracies and is just bullshitting. “The Skeptic” in a pig’s eye.

The rest of the article is Jennifer Bilek blah blah blah Jennifer Bilek. It’s embarrassing.

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