Self-congratulation is it?

Man who identifies as woman says it’s all a big mistake.

Those who support these moves sometimes argue that segregation between trans and cisgender women in sports is regrettable, but necessary for fairness.

It’s not “segregation.” That’s a loaded word in this context, and it’s not the right one in any case. Women and men are already separate categories – women and men. That’s not “segregation,” it’s reality.

Also, I don’t say keeping men out of women’s sports is regrettable. I don’t think it’s the least bit regrettable; what’s regrettable is not doing that. What’s regrettable is letting William Thomas and Rhys McKinnon steal all those wins from women.

They argue that the performance gap is so large that a cisgender woman would be unlikely to ever win against a trans woman.

No, that’s not what I argue. There’s no such thing as “cis women” for a start. I note that men have massive physical advantages over women, and the rest follows from that.

Fina argues that they have found an approach that “emphasis[es] competitive fairness”. But this can only be true if you ignore that trans women like Thomas will now be required to race against men with whom they could never effectively compete.

Tough. shit. They decided to “transition”; it’s their problem. It’s certainly not the problem of the women they want to compete against. Women don’t exist to take the consequences of men’s mistakes.

Any suggestion that it’s fairer for Thomas, an elite athlete before and after her transition, to compete with men who win with times 25 seconds faster than her, than for her to compete with women who are behind by a second, is a farce. It can only be justified by arguing that trans women have no right to expect competitive fairness at all.

Trans women put themselves in a bind by transitioning. They’ve been dealing with it by cheating women. There’s nothing fair about that. I really don’t care whether or not they can compete in the future. I don’t think it’s important.

The comments of Fina representatives are full of self-congratulation. They call the move “only a first step towards full inclusion”, “comprehensive, science-based and inclusive”, and say that it “protect[s] competitive fairness”. But these claims are false.

Wait til you hear the claims of trans women!

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