Another thing about this – or maybe it’s the same thing but just louder –


The other thing. There is no Harry Potter without its creator. Why? Because she’s the one who created it. That thing they love so much? (I don’t love it, myself, so I can take a detached view of the fandom and the ardor.) That thing they love so much is the work of the woman they think they hate so much. You can’t have a Harry Potter without its creator, because that would be something completely different. The creator isn’t incidental to the creation; she’s prior and essential.

Their adoration of Harry Potter means they adore her, whether they know it or not. This isn’t her fingernails we’re talking about here, it’s the product of her mind. In their passion for Harry they have a passion for Jo. It’s idiotic that they think they can split the two.

But then they think they can split people from their sex, so there you go.

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