Expel the unbeliever

Shahrar Ali is suing the Green Party.

A Green Party spokesman is bringing legal action against his former colleagues after he was sacked because of his views on the transgender debate.

Shahrar Ali, 53, was removed as the spokesman for policing and domestic safety on February 5 after activists complained that his tweets about women’s sex-based rights were transphobic.

It’s a neat trick to label non-belief in your magical mystery woo “phobic.” I don’t believe extraterrestrials drop in on us now and then for a chat; that’s not “phobic.” I just don’t believe it.

Party officials ruled that “his decision to champion a highly controversial position in the trans rights debate is not compatible” with his role.

But it’s fine to champion the other highly controversial position, in fact judging by this it’s mandatory.

And what are trans rights? For the billionth time, no one wants to take away their rights. There is no “right” to identify as other people and seize their rights.

Dr Ali, a former deputy leader who was a spokesman for nine years, has publicly backed the rights of women to defend single-sex spaces such as prisons, refuges and sports categories, rather than for them to be opened without limits to males who identify as women.

In other words he’s doing the right thing, and the demands are an encroachment on women’s rights.

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