The speaker’s views, which we will not specify

Nottingham City Council offers a “statement.”

Ok I read the statement. It’s a complete crock of shit.

[Generalized apology and explanation and warning. I’m going to be swearing a lot for the foreseeable future. I’m feeling a level of rage and alienation I wasn’t expecting (it was very unimaginative of me not to expect it).]

A complete crock of shit, I say.

Nottingham City Council has cancelled a booking to use a space at Aspley Library for a talk by author Julie Bindel today (Saturday 25 June). This is due to the speaker’s views on trans gender rights being at odds with aspects of the council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Explain yourselves! What views? What aspects? At odds how?

But of course they don’t explain any of that, the cowardly lying fucks. They just claim it, in their libelous way, and leave it at that. It’s filthy and disgusting and needs to stop.

All the elucidation they manage to give is:

“While it was known that the event was going to be from a feminist perspective, no information around the speaker’s views on transgender rights was brought to the Library Service’s attention.

Once we became aware of this, we took the decision to cancel the booking. Nottingham is an inclusive city and as a council we support our LGBT community and have committed to supporting trans rights as human rights through Stonewall.  We did not want the use of one of our library buildings for this event, taking place during Pride month, to be seen as implicit support for views held by the speaker which fly in the face of our position on transgender rights.”

What views?

Liars, sneaks, bullies, cowardly lying fucks.

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