Autre temps, autre moeurs

Wikipedia sheds light on what is is about Thank You, Jeeves that would make a publisher anxious.

The book uses the dated and now derogatory term “nigger minstrels” which was once a common term for white performers in blackface. Blackface minstrels were a staple of British seaside resorts until World War II.[19] The term “nigger minstrels” was historically used to differentiate blackface minstrels from “colored minstrels” who were actually black performers.[20]

Blackface performances, widely considered offensive today, were popular at the time Wodehouse was writing this novel. During this period, Al JolsonBing Crosby and Shirley Temple were among the many actors who performed in blackface.[21]

What’s a publisher to do?

Maybe there’s no answer to that question; maybe there’s no good option.

Shirley Temple

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