But he is

A man is indignant that a woman knows a man is a man.

Trans women are blokes. If they weren’t they would just be called “women.” The meaning of “trans woman” is man who claims to be woman.

Bloke in necklace says if your job is to protect people from discrimination and you’re peddling that kind of discrimination then you’re not fit for the job and shouldn’t be doing it any more.

But it’s not “discrimination” in the sense he means to say that men are men. It’s not unfair or based on prejudice or unkind or phobic. Knowing the difference between women and men is not evil. Women, especially, have a very fundamental need to know which is which, for their own safety. It’s not the job of the guy in the stripey shirt to tell us we can’t, and that if we do we should be kicked out of our jobs.

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