Honestly legislators should not be this stupid. It’s an important job; they should not be this lost in the fog.

Thundering herds of bison that’s dumb. Of course people of any kind are not a theory or an ideology or a contested belief, and nobody says they are. The ideology/contested belief is that people can change sex, that people literally are the sex they are not, that people are what they say they are, that sex is determined by feelings and thoughts and not by the reality of the body.

The fact that there are children who say they are trans is indeed a fact. What’s not a fact is that “people [invariably] are who they say they are.” If that were the case there would never be long queues at airports while hundreds of people go through passport control. If that were the case people could empty other people’s bank accounts. If that were the case we could never be sure our doctor has any medical training.

Children who think they’re trans are a reality. Children who say they are trans are a reality. Children who are the opposite sex are a fiction.

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