Born in the wrong body

From the afternoon session. I don’t see a thread reader yet so I’ll just quote from tweets directly.

Discussions around ‘born in the wrong body’ narrative. BB explains terms have evolved but some T ppl still use it. KM – Ed Dept published guidance not to use. You made a statement following this you wouldn’t promote that narrative.

BB: I have no recollection of this guidance being the reason though. Was emerging discussion. If so we managed to respond v quickly.

KM: would you have been involved in consultation on DoE guidance?

BB: dont know

KM: met with civil servants / ministers involved?

BB: would like to, don’t know in this case

KM reading through the guidance. If LGBA were to have criticised the narrative born in wrong body that would not have been problematic?

BB: complicated. DoE is guidance not fact on lived reality of trans people’s lives. It seems ok as guidance to me but some trans people use the term.

The “lived reality of trans people’s lives” she refers to is the “born in the wrong body” fairy tale. “Lived reality” in this sort of context translates to “lived fantasy.”

Fantasy can be very important in people’s lives, and can also be healthy and enriching and so on. But it needs to be recognized as fantasy, not translated into “lived reality.”

KM moving on to LGBA schools material. LGBA dont think children should be confused or upset by ideology, agree?

BB: not the way we would speak about this issue to kids

KM: But reflects what Cass found that we need to be careful

BB: I think Cass didn’t use the word ideology

Ah yes, you don’t like that word, do you. But it is an ideology. It’s not just a Big Box of Facts.

KM: used belief. moving on – if child isn’t gender conforming shouldn’t lead educator to say trans

BB: agree not appropriate

KM: A GNC child eg girl who plays football might well be led to think trans …

BB: No this is section 28, being trans is not easy, implausible.

Is it though? With all the frantic valorization and sympathy going on? Is it really implausible that young teenagers would start calling themselves trans in this climate?

KM: Template letter here about RSE guidance and ‘what we cannot accept that children should be taught can be Born In The Wrong Body’.

BB: I can’t believe that was being taught.

Why not?

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