Trashing other people’s rights

Lindsey Graham opens a new front in the war on women:

Senator Lindsey Graham has unveiled his proposed nationwide abortion ban, which would outlaw the procedure after 15 weeks, with certain exceptions.

Not something that will ever ruin Lindsey Graham’s life. Women? Well that’s another story.

Graham said the proposal, dubbed the “Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act”, would match similar laws in European countries. He said the 15-week threshold is when fetuses will feel pain, however that doesn’t quite match the science. Many scientists say fetuses can’t feel pain before 24 weeks, although the subject is complicated and continuing to be researched.

And anyway what does it mean to “feel pain” at that stage of development? Is a 15 week fetus conscious enough to register pain?

And what about the pain the woman experiences while pushing out the baby? Why does the notional pain of a 15 week fetus trump the all too real and intense hours-long pain of a grown woman?

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