Guest post: Between Egogender and Genderblank

Originally a comment by Sastra on A myriad of other genders.

Near as I can make out, the “myriad” of genders comes in two forms:

1.) Genders that involve different ways of playing around with man (male) and woman (female.) Included are man, woman, neither-man-nor-woman, both-man-and-woman, switching between man and woman, switching between man and neither-man-nor-woman, and any other combination you can think of, in fluctuating circumstances. We can at least conceive of such genders because they conceptually draw from our prior understanding of man (male) and woman (female.) Gender and sex used to be synonyms.

2.) Genders that don’t involve man (male) and/or woman (female.) The connection to sex is tenuous at best. This is where we find people having the “gender of a cloud” or being Aesthetigender, a gender derived from aesthetics. Most of this either sounds like results from a teenage magazine personality test (“What Kind of Flower Are You?”) or is seriously incoherent. Included in this would be genders that are basically nothing more than attitudes towards gender(Cassflux: There is a fluctuating intensity of irrelevance toward gender.)

There’s a list of The 72 Genders here.

I personally fluctuate between Egogender: “a personal type of gender identified by the individual alone based on the person’s experience within the self” and Genderblank: “It is closely related to a blank space.”

I don’t see why a blank space can’t give birth.

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