More crap journalism

A somewhat less blatantly partisan news article on the LWS rally in the Irish Examiner, but only somewhat, and not for long.

Hundreds of campaigners took part in rallies on opposing sides of the transgender debate in Dublin on Saturday.

Well, yes, but to be clear, the Let Women Speak rally was scheduled and then the “opposing” rally was added to the day’s festivities. It seems that a lot of people just can’t stand to see women getting together to say let us speak.

A large garda presence was visible in and around Merrion Square for the two events and metal barriers were erected to create a space between the rival demonstrations.

Again, making it sound like a football match or a race – like an event where you expect two sides. It wasn’t that though, it was women talking and people who want them to shut up trying to make them shut up. They weren’t really “rival demonstrations”; they were a rally and an attempt to shut down the rally.

The counter demo organised by Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin assembled outside the Dail on Kildare Street ahead of marching to Merrion Square.

Leading pro-trans activist Jenny Maguire told the crowd: “We as queer people are forced into a world that’s not meant for us.

“We do everything we can to force a world that accepts us and that can love us all unapologetically, and it is them that wants to reverse any progress we’ve made so far and pull us back into the Dark Ages.”

She added: “Trans people aren’t going anywhere.”

Funnily enough there is no matching bit where any of the women who want to speak are quoted. Jenny Maguire is quoted for Team Shut Up, but Posie Parker and Graham Linehan are just reported as being there. Why do the people who object to women speaking get to speak while the people who think women should be allowed to speak don’t get to speak?

At Merrion Square, the trans campaigners chanted and played loud disco music in a bid to drown out speakers addressing the crowd at the Let Women Speak event on the other side of the metal barriers.

Linehan chatted and posed for selfies with well-wishers at the Let Women Speak rally.

The trans campaigners tried to drown out the speaking women, while Glinner chatted with people, yet somehow the trans campaigners are treated lovingly by the reporter while the talking women and Glinner are not. What do women have to do to get fair coverage?

Finally at the very end he gets to say something.

He criticised the rival event. “I just want to kind of expose them for trying to silence women and that’s why I’m here,” he said.

The writer said the vast majority of people agreed with his position on the trans issue. “It’s only a few extremists who don’t think that women shouldn’t have their own sports and their own private spaces,” he added.

At least he got the last word.

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