Nobody wins?

Won’t somebody please think of the cheaters?

“Nobody wins in this” — the cycling community reacts to new UCI transgender policy

Subhead: Athletes and advocates on both sides of the trans-athlete inclusion debate share their opinions

It’s not “the trans-athlete inclusion” debate, it’s the fairness to women debate. It’s not fair to women to let men compete in women’s sports. It’s that simple.

Starting July 17, 2023, transgender women who have transitioned after puberty are banned from competing in the women’s category at all UCI-sanctioned events, cycling’s governing body announced today

Good, but incomplete. Trans women should compete in the men’s category, because they’re men. It’s that simple.

In a press release, the UCI said it was “necessary to take this measure to protect the female class and ensure equal opportunities.” 

So Cycling Weekly chooses to frame it as cruelty to men who claim to be women.

The heartbreak was certainly felt throughout the internet as trans and cis women athletes alike expressed their despondence. 

“I don’t agree with the UCI’s decision to ban trans women from competing in the women’s category. I know this is a complicated topic for many (yes, professional racing complicates this for sure), but I keep returning to what I believe to be the purpose of sport: to offer opportunities for enjoyment, self-betterment, personal challenge, camaraderie (etc.) for all,” writes Haley Smith, a Canadian Olympian and Life Time Grand Prix contestant. 

“Maybe you believe that trans women racing against those assigned female at birth is unfair or wrong. But I truly believe that a ban is much MORE wrong…I don’t have an answer, but I know in my gut that this isn’t the right decision.

I don’t think that’s her “gut.” I think it’s years of whining and screaming and throwing tantrums by the trans communinny.

Already banned from competing in the women’s category in her homeland, British cyclist and transwoman Emily Bridges released an emotional statement on her social media. 

“It’s the hope that gets you. The thought that there’s some small possibility that they’re not going to wield the axe and cut you from the thing you (used to) love keeps some semblance of hope for the future of this environment. But that hope is gone now,” she states.

Hey, Bridges, have you ever stopped to think about women’s hopes in all this?

American athlete and longtime trans-advocate Molly Cameron expressed more frustration than heartbreak, vowing to boycott any event that adopts the UCI’s new policy. A longtime cyclocross racer, Cameron raced internationally until the UCI’s first eligibility policies banned her from competing in the women’s category in the early aughts. 

So he’s a man? Aka a trans woman? Cycling Weekly should have said that up front.

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