Peterson’s increasingly hysterical rants

Charlie Nash at The New Statesman says Jordan Peterson isn’t quite the social media darling he once was. In fact he’s a bit of a joke.

YouTube is rife with edits that splice Peterson’s increasingly hysterical rants with gameplay from the Command & Conquer games, a series that features a cast of eccentric villains who issue apocalyptic threats to the player as they progress through the story. Sadly, these edits are not even necessary. Peterson’s video monologues are quite enough on their own. Last year, with Bond villain-esque delivery, Peterson warned the Masters of the Universe to leave him alone or face the consequences: 

“Leave us alone, you centralisers of power. You worshippers of Gaia. You sacrificers of the wealth and property of others. You would-be planetary saviours. You Machiavellian pretenders and virtue-signallers objecting to power, all the while you gathered around you madly… Leave us alone, or reap the whirlwind and watch terrible destruction of what you purport to save in consequence.”

Hahahahaha he sounds like Disaffected Podcast, or is it the other way around.

We were right that Anthony Fauci is a sociopath and a liar.

We were right that the majority of you would turn Anthony Fauci into a living demi-god.

We were right that millions of people would sell out their own family members and leave their elderly to die alone in hospital.

We were right that this was the greatest moral crime of modern history in the West, and that it was going on right in front of all of us while you called us crazy.

We were right about everything. Not “just some things.” Everything.

Turns out those of us who understand abusive psychology intimately weren’t hysterical, or crazy, or histrionic, or lying.

That was you.

I can’t speak for others who correctly predicted this mess, but I can speak for me.

I’m not forgiving.

I’m not forgetting.

You who went along with this are my enemy. Not just my opponent-my enemy.

You will be treated as an enemy. If you think I had a hair trigger temper before, try me now.

I’m entirely done.

Either come to accept what you participated in, confess what you did, make serious, honestly felt, public apology to those you tried to ruin (the people you said you ‘loved’) or make sure you keep your distance from me.

You get no grace at all.

Ooooookay but where is all this happening? It sounds like a battlefield, but in fact it’s just…the world. Other people. People who see things differently. Where is all this being “treated as an enemy” going to happen? We don’t need any barked orders to keep our distance, we have no intention of going anywhere near the disaffected one. We’re not going to sob into our sleeves about the not forgiving and not forgetting because we don’t seek them in the first place. It’s like going to someone’s house and banging furiously on the door and when it’s opened shouting “LEAVE ME ALONE.”

Anyway, I find it hilarious that Peterson does the same thing.

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